Great feedback from a recent client

“…every individual is capable of managing and implementing improvements – it doesn’t have to rely on senior managers anymore”                                                                                                               Team Leader
…everyone owns this – we’re working better as team”                                                                    Operative
“Lean working is now culturally embedded into the way we all think, with continual benefits ahead for the business ”                                                                                                                                 Senior Manager


What did they achieve for the business?  

50% reduction in waste achieved through changes in working practices

How did they do it?

Employees of this Technical Building & Engineering Services company took part in the Manufacturing Excellence Business Improvement Techniques training & implementation programme.  Their challenge was to improve efficiency by finding better ways of working. 

Teams were shown how to use problem solving tools and techniques to identify problems and create cost-effective solutions. Key issues were communication, time wasting, lack of standardisation and work flow.

As a result, a 50% reduction in waste has been achieved through changes in working practices and the introduction of production assembly lines has led to major improvements in workflow supported by the improved use of visual management and kanbans.  The workplace has improved considerably through the use of 5S and the setting of higher standards resulting in well maintained, safer, cleaner and more organised work areas.

Significant improvements in communication, including the introduction of a daily 10min ‘Team Huddle’ each morning, continue to encourage new ideas which are being captured, measured and planned into continuous improvement activity.

Most notably, people are commenting on the positive culture change effect, evidenced by the way in which employees now take a greater degree of ownership in the organisation.

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