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We make your organisation more profitable using our unique approach of practical training and implementation on-site.

The Principle

These basic lean principles set the right foundations:

1. Understand what creates value within the operation from the customer perspective
2. Identify all of the process steps in the operation
3. Make these ‘value adding’ process steps flow as smoothly as possible
4. Produce only what is required – or ‘pulled’ by the customer
5. Eliminate waste in ALL its forms

Our Application

Appropriately involving everyone in the organisation to nurture and inspire a continuous improvement thinking and behaviours drives and embeds lean transformation.

Agreeing a common goal that everyone can unite under and buy into is the ideal starting point and rationale for any planned change. Following this we start building lean awareness and introduce skills such as problem-solving throughout the business to ensure change is collaborative, organic and sustainable.

By focusing on lean principles at a fundamental level we make sure they are easy to understand and adopt by everyone in the organisation benefiting the business, the customer and the workforce.

Your Benefit

1. Reduced Waste
2. Improved Flow
3. Increased Profitability

The Principle

Successful consultancy comes from a true understanding of the organisation and the root cause of the problem(s) it is trying to solve.

Furthermore, consultancy works best when used as a tool in a wider improvement strategy.

Our Application

Combining our industry experience and diagnostic work we pride ourselves on understanding our clients. This helps us deliver a consultancy project that fits in seamlessly with the overall business strategy. Whether delivering time sensitive projects, like increasing capacity for a large customer order, or projects with a strict deadline, such as getting the layout right first time on a factory move, we make sure changes are effective and sustainable.

Delivering quick wins through a consultancy project is a great way of introducing the ‘big bang’ needed to start a wider and deeper change programme by showing people that change is possible and positive.

Your Benefit

1. Reduced Lead Times
2. Increased Capacity
3. Improve Flow


The Principle

Effective training is practical; people learn best by learning then doing.

Training should deliver real and measurable results. It is highly important that people are given the right skills and competencies to work productively and safely.

Your people should be encouraged, inspired and supported to learn and develop.

Our Application

We know that in order to enable sustainable change, training and development must be about genuinely involving people as well as improving processes.

Ahead of any training, we focus on engaging & inspiring the workforce which is key to gaining buy-in from planning stages through to implementation.

We also make sure that the learning is then applied through real project implementation, enabling people to not only gain new skills but also build their confidence in how to put them to use in the real working environment.

Your Benefit

1. A more self-sufficient and motivated workforce
2. Improved Productivity
3. Increased collaborative working


The Principle

Good leaders understand the difference between managing processes and leading people. They are open to learning and to new ways of developing themselves and their people.

An effective leader’s actions instil trust from their team through acting with honesty and integrity.

Leaders use their knowledge and skill to draw positively from their experience.

Effective leaders inspire their team with a shared vision and keep them engaged along the way.

Our Application

When a team member is promoted to a leadership role the last thing we want is to lose a good operator and gain an inexperienced leader. Leadership is a key skill that needs to be developed and like any form of development it needs to be practical in order to develop confidence to implement new skills. Strong leadership throughout an organisation is key to a good working culture as problems are solved rather than created. Therefore, we make sure we work closely with leaders making sure they have both the means and the support in order to manage situations better.

Your Benefit

1. Empowered workforce
2. Culture Change
3. Improved Problem Solving Channels


The Principle

Having a long-term view with common goals is key to creating a cohesive strategy that can be understand and owned by everyone in the organisation.

It encourages and promotes a positive way of working and a culture of continuous improvement, and helps to avoid common pitfalls when embarking on any major change.

Our Application

When creating a long-term strategy within an organisation, a clear, agreed goal is a powerful driver. We involve all relevant stakeholders in the process to make sure they are all brought into the goal before a set of initiatives are agreed upon.

These initiatives are then mapped out and the details translated into an implementation and communication plan. Milestones on this journey can then be tracked and celebrated in a team spirit with everyone understanding their individual roles in ensuring organisational success.

Your Benefit

1. Improved Communication
2. Collaborative Working
3. Business goals achieved


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About Us

At Manufacturing Excellence we’ve spent the last 20 years helping businesses succeed with long-term change and sustainable improvement. In that time, we’ve continually developed our approach to make it as effective as possible in ensuring positive change for the companies we work with.

We are immensely grateful to have worked with some wonderful people in companies of all sizes over the years and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved with them. If you’re looking to make lasting positive change within your business, we look forward to hearing from you.

Why us?


Making change happen

We make change happen using our unique approach of combining practical training and implementation on-site.



We engage and involve your people in the process of change applying simple, yet highly effective world class improvement techniques.


Fully funded

We access up to 100% funding to make business improvement affordable for you.


Results driven

We will make your organisation more profitable and totally customer focused.


Embedding change

We help embed and sustain a culture of continuous improvement across your workforce.

Manufacturing Manager

SES Prism

“Lean working is now culturally embedded into the way we all think, with continual benefits ahead for the business.”

Managing Director

BSC Filters

“The team at Manufacturing Excellence tailored the training to what was important and relevant to us. You could feel and see the results very quickly.”

Managing Director

Hopkins Catering Equipment

“The Manufacturing Excellence training has helped create a good team ethic where things happen without me needing to micro-manage. I’m now much more relaxed in the business.”