At Manufacturing Excellence, we are passionate about improving businesses, and changing lives. In January 2021 we discovered a fantastic charity called ‘Lend with Care’, allowing us to achieve this even further afield!  Lend with Care is a charity where you can loan money to business owners in less developed countries. We found this to be a fantastic team working activity, working in small groups to go through the aspiring entrepreneurs and create a presentation discussing who we would lend to, and why we felt this was a worthy cause. With so many great ideas and ways to help, it was hard to decide and required good communication, compromise, and teamwork!   Manufacturing Excellence donated to four worthy businesses, helping two of these people reach their target the same day. This is a great opportunity to continue re-investing in more businesses as it gets repaid, giving more people the chance to work themselves out of poverty. We were all so impressed with this initiative way of helping others, we cannot wait to incorporate this team activity into our training programmes to give other people the opportunity to change lives whilst learning invaluable team working skills. 

If you want to find out more about Lend with Care and help someone be a step closer to achieving their goal, click here