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Manufacturing Excellence is a friendly, inclusive and professional business that want to do whatever we can to make employees feel valued, loved and most of all have fun and be happy. We are fully committed to developing our employees and continuously search for new ways to further train and expand our knowledge.

We strive to be an employer that people want to work for and employ people not just for the skills that they have but also for the personality they bring to the business. We are willing to invest in training to ensure we have the right people in the business.

We are committed to ensuring our employees are engaged in every aspect of their work life. We work with every individual in the business to ensure they understand what is required of them, what they need from us and how they are instrumental in the success of our business.

In return for working for Manufacturing Excellence you can expect to form great relationships, feel part of an inclusive team that are passionate about continuous improvement and be part of a company that are always striving for excellence.

If you’re interested in joining our growing team, please get in touch.

Company News

4 Ways to Improve Company Culture in 2019

4 Ways to Improve Company Culture in 2019

Manufacturing Excellence recently had our summer team building day aimed at continuing to drive our company culture. As we well know from our day jobs a good culture is a key driver in increasing productivity and, thanks to our HR Manager Rhianne Bannon the day was a...