We recently ran the very successful workshop “Good to Great to World Class in a day” hosted at the famous Tetley Centre in Leeds. The day focused on the journey to world class manufacturing and the steps needed to get there from any starting point. We were joined by a fantastic group of manufacturers at different stages of their journey who all had a thoroughly informative and enjoyable day.


“The workshop activities have changed the way I look at our operations and helped me identify the changes we can make in order to increase profits”


In the morning we looked at the practical ways in which a business can go from being good to great. We ran an interactive miniature business over a virtual three-year period endeavouring to satisfy a variety of customer demands whilst measuring profit & loss and the happiness of the workforce. At the beginning of each ‘production year’, one or more simple improvement techniques were introduced, illustrating practically how using the right techniques in the right way is highly effective in meeting fluctuating customer demands, boosting profits and creating a calm and well-organised workplace for the workforce.


“The day gave me fresh new impetus for our own lean journey and showed me where I need to be focusing in order to make the biggest gains”


In the afternoon we looked at the fundamental elements needed to create and sustain a world class operation. We discussed some case studies from Manufacturing Excellence’s previous clients who have gone on to win UK Best Factory Award and how important getting the right workplace culture in place was to achieving that goal. We then looked at a ‘dash board’ tool for benchmarking where each business was currently on their journey to world class and provided some helpful insight and practical steps into the most crucial areas to focus on.

“The workshop highlighted the importance of keeping staff engaged at all levels of the business in order to fully embed and sustain improvements”


It was great to have the opportunity to share some of our experience and expertise and we look forward to working further with our attendees. We’ll be running more workshops throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out more or attending please get in touch at charlie.brook@manufacturingexcellence.co.uk 

We look forward to hearing from you!