BSC Filters have come to the end of their bespoke Manufacturing Excellence improvement programme. After a very successful year the culture has completely transformed leading to the business enjoying some fantastic results.


‘The team at Manufacturing Excellence tailored the programme to what was important and relevant to us. You could feel and see results very quickly.’


Before embarking on the programme BSC had tried quite a few things with varying degrees of success. They had experienced some big wins, however, keeping people engaged was difficult, and they were struggling to sustain momentum. Manufacturing Excellence were called upon to enthuse staff to become an integral part of the productivity of the business by empowering them to take the initiative and problem solve, relieving pressure on the management team to always have the answers.


 ‘We’ve saved money, our employees better understand how to eliminate waste, there’s a common language and approach to work across the business and the visual improvement in the factory has been dramatic.’


Manufacturing Excellence designed an improvement programme focused on engagement and driving positive culture change within the company. The whole team from the shop floor to management were taught new skills and supported in putting them to practice in the form of practical improvement projects.


‘New recruits quickly adopt our methods because it’s now our engrained culture’


The lean culture they have cultivated within the business has given them the capacity to keep up with the technology changes in their market as well as focus on their goal of becoming world class.


‘We’re looking at other sectors that we definitely couldn’t do if we didn’t have the lean platform to work from and a committed workforce.’