Manufacturing Excellence have recently completed an improvement programme with Inline Health & Beauty. Established in 1997 Inline Health & Beauty develops, manufactures and fills personal care and beauty products. Inline were going through a period of growth so they wanted a programme centred around improving their capacity and productivity as well as drive a new lean culture within the business.


“We were able to standardise 80% of what we do across production lines… [the idea] came from Shane, one of the guys from the shop floor.”


As part of the programme employees on the shop floor were trained to identify areas of waste within their processes and come up with improvement ideas. A lot of quick wins were identified by the team and this really gave everyone the confidence going forward to contribute.


The results of the programme were extremely positive with Inline managing to double their turnover as well as developed a positive and sustained lean culture.


“The consequences of these big wins mean that people become more forthcoming with their own ideas.”


Since completing their improvement programme Inline have signed straight up for another – guaranteeing more improvement, further increased capacity and extra help in embedding and sustaining their new lean culture.