Manufacturing Excellence put together a business improvement programme for an international automotive manufacturer designed to help staff implement, drive and sustain their lean manufacturing culture.


As part of the programme team leaders were trained to identify and implement ways to reduce waste by improving systems and processes.


“The kaizen activities we did led to noticeable improvements when we implemented them on the shop floor” – Team Leader

“It was nice for the company to invest in someone like myself” – Employee


Another product of the programme was the noticeable change in sharing and communicating ideas and information. The training gave everyone the confidence to contribute their ideas on how to improve workflow throughout the factory.


“Knowing our improvement ideas, when put into practice, were leading to huge savings for the company was really rewarding and spurred us on to come up with the next ones” – Team Leader 


The total savings at the end of the programme were a phenomenal £30 million but with their enthusiasm and new skills we can see that number growing very quickly.


“I’d recommend this training to be rolled out to any company” – Team Leader