Manufacturing Excellence recently had our summer team building day aimed at continuing to drive our company culture. As we well know from our day jobs a good culture is a key driver in increasing productivity and, thanks to our HR Manager Rhianne Bannon the day was a resounding success. As a company we pride ourselves on ensuring our staff our happy, engaged and having fun at work and we are big believers that an increased work-life integration really helps with that goal.

Our first assignment was to meet in Leeds where we would be split into four teams to face the challenge of an escape room. Credit must go to Tick Tock Unlock Ltd who created these wonderfully designed rooms that really tested and strengthened our communication and teamwork skills. The four rooms in question were called The Asylum, Project Pandora, Alice in Wonderland and The Hatch which we’d all highly recommend (though those with a nervous disposition may want to avoid The Asylum & Project Pandora). The rooms really created a great atmosphere allowing us to focus on collaboration and problem solving while still having plenty of fun.

After our great escapes we we’re instructed to travel north to The Rudding Park Hotel for lunch, which was delicious, and to await further orders. After being split into three groups the afternoons activities were divulged and they did not disappoint.

First there was blind folded driving. A task which involved a lot of teamwork and trust in your co-pilot. The goal was to do a lap of an assault course in a truck without crashing into any obstacles. If that wasn’t already hard enough none of the instructions given by the co-pilot could be in English.

Next, it was helmets on for Wacky Races! A series of one on one races in miniature go carts culminating in the quickest member of your team setting a timed lap for the other teams to beat. Some of our team being quite tall meant that even getting on these go-carts was a challenge.

Finally, we were taken over to the shooting range for rifle shooting. Each team member has a series of practice shots before collecting a target where every shot counted. Though this was a hugely fun activity I don’t think anyone at Manufacturing Excellence is likely to be tapped up by the armed forces.

Overall, the day was a fantastic success and fully delivered on the goal of continuing to improve and develop our company culture. Feedback from everyone who attended has been hugely positive and the main question on everyone’s lips after the day was ‘when’s the next one?’